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Summer is finally here and it’s time to start doing new type of fitness program. If you are like me living in the Northern US being stuck indoors all winter is zero fun. During the summer I can really start doing home fitness instead of visiting the gym.Gym Difficult in SummertimeI have found over the years it is easier to go to gym in winter, but in the summer it is difficult. The summer time I have yard work, flower garden and vegetable garden to keep me busy. Unfortunately this hurts my fitness program of going to the gym four or five times a week.Last year I started my own personal home fitness program. I found I like my summer home workout better than going to the gym. I started using some workout DVDs from various “workout gurus.” Won’t name names, but the usually fitness women we have seen on TV hundreds of times. All are very good.

Get Out of HouseI do not just workout inside my house. I incorporate a couple different fitness programs. One part is to walk and/or jog the neighborhood in morning or evening. This is very relaxing since it gets my blood flowing. I usually do interval training by running for one minute and then walk the next minute. Many fitness people promote this style of working out vs. running continuously for 30 to 60 minutes.Go BikingHere’s another summer time workout. Go biking. I go by myself or with my kids to change up my workout. Take a look to see if your community offers any bike paths. Bike paths give you a great way to bike several miles without worrying about cars on the busy roads.I know this article was supposed to be about home fitness, but all the programs start at home. You do not have to drive to your local gym for a great workout. Walk outside your door and take advantage of the sunny weather in your area.Different Types of WorkoutsI love the summertime because I do have multiple ways to workout. I can still go to the gym, which I still do, maybe one or two times a week. The other days I am doing some type of home fitness. I could do a DVD workout, ride my bike or jog around the neighborhood.For all of us who live up North we do not have the nice weather our friends to the South enjoy. However, Southern summers are a lot hotter than our Northern summers. Well we do have hot weather just not quite as hot on a consistent basis. Take advantage of the early mornings to do your home fitness. I do this when I know the temperature will be over 90 degrees for the day.

Have Fun When You ExerciseExercise is meant to be fun and enjoyable. The best way to make your home fitness fun is to change up the location or type of workout. Earlier I mentioned to still use the gym, but not as often. Walk your neighborhood and talk to some neighbors. You may develop a new workout buddy to help keep you on track.Overall, we need to stay in shape by doing some type of workout several times a week. I found doing home fitness fits better than going to the gym during the summer.Go outside and enjoy nature.

The Common Difficulties in Becoming Fit | Fitness

It is common to hear people complaining that their fitness boot camp is not enough for them to achieve what they want. A fitness boot camp that promotes healthy ways of becoming fit never offers shortcuts. In the same way, a real fitness expert would not lie about the possible difficulties that individuals to become really fit. Individuals who are planning to start a fitness program should consider the common difficulties and be excited about the ways of overcoming such difficulties prior to starting to diet and exercise.The feeling of deprivation is one of the leading hindrances of those who are in a strict fitness program.Quick solutions such taking of pills and unhealthy intake of supposedly weight loss concoctions will most likely worsen the health status of the individuals. Diet Quick- fixes are not sustainable and will only make the individual dependent on the product. A healthy diet plan would not eliminate any food group; it would only limit and balance the amount of food intake of the individual.

Stories about individuals being frustrated during the “plateau” time of the fitness plan are also becoming common.The plateau time is the time where weight loss would stagnate; this is simply because the body has a threshold of weight to lose through diet alone. The individuals do not have to be frustrated since proper exercise to accompany their diet plan will fix the problem.The lost weight of individuals on diet can easily “reappear” if the individual cannot find a way of sustaining the weight loss progress.Quick fix solutions that do not provide long-term maintenance plans usually end up adding up more weight to the individual. It is scientifically proven that diet plans, which put focus on “fasting” or starvation tends to push the individual to add more weight after some time. Long-term solutions such as lifestyle change can ensure that the individual would maintain a preferable weight.Going back to an abandoned diet plan also proves to be too discouraging to some individuals.Individuals who broke out of their very own fitness boot camp usually give up on the chances of being fit. Individuals who are just trying to become fit should always remember that any fitness plan is very conducive to cheating. Having the will to get back to the fitness plan would most probably define whether the individual would have the will to change and become healthier.

Sometimes dieting could be costlier than regular eating; individuals on diet shell out more to buy supposedly fitness- friendly foods and drinks.Not to mention the pressures of watching a television model to claim that he or she lost weight in just two months; things can easily fall apart for the individual on a fitness plan.Knowing these common difficulties can prepare individuals for the worst before they start their very own fitness plan. A last piece of advise, fitness does not necessarily come at a price except for the dedication that it requires. Just like many things, hard work does pay off in becoming fit.